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  • We cover the Care Certificate standards
    We cover the Care Certificate standards

    "We incorporate the 15 Care Certificate standards in our programme"

  • Training 2
    Training 2

    "Our specialist in-house training team provide a bespoke Care Certificate training programme"

Online Training Portal

"The online training was excellent - it's useful and informative!"

Our online training portal has been specially designed to assist candidates in completing the Skills for Care Care Certificate training.

The bespoke programme gives access to candidates and clients alike, and will allow work to be completed quickly and securely. Each candidate and client has their own unique secure profile.

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What's included?

 Unique profiles created for each user

Activated by the user via a link sent by secure email - It's that easy!

 All 15 Care Certificate standards are included!

The 67 knowledge-based elements are then broken down in to individual activities, which can be completed at any time

 Practical elements

Clients are able to sign off the practical elements on the system

 Client access

A client profile which can then check and mark the completed elements by the user

Multi-media resources

As well as containing the questions, our portal has links to educational videos, handbooks and useful documents

Support documentscare certificate handbook

Each user also receives a knowledge and learning handbook


Once the online course has been completed, a completion certificate will be issued