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Once our healthcare workers have passed the Level 4 qualification, they are encouraged to work towards the Level 5 diploma.

This qualification is specifically designed for managers and senior staff members within a social care setting.

Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health & Social Care

The Level 5 Diploma is designed for existing managers working within a social care setting, or for those who may hold an assistant or deputy role with significant responsibilities for the setting.

It will be relevant for those managers working in the following settings: Residential Services for Adults; Day Services; Domiciliary Care Services; Community Based Services; Respite Services.

This qualification allows learners to learn, develop and practice the skills required for employment and/or career progression in Adult Care in England. Learners may progress to a relevant Level 5 Health and Social Care qualification on completion of this Level 4 Diploma.

Outline of Programme

There are 3 pathways available within this qualification allowing for learners working in different environments:

  • Adults Residential Management: Management of day to day provision in a residential service as an assistant manager, deputy, unit or service manager. May include responsibility as Registered Manager of the service.
  • Adults (Non-Residential) Management: Management of day to day provision in a service that is not residential (e.g domiciliary care, day service). This could be as assistant manager, deputy, unit or service manager. May include responsibility as Registered Manager of the service.
  • Adults’ Advanced Practice: Roles within adult social care services that need a high level of knowledge of care provision activities or a specific specialism. Not involved in direct management of staff but has some responsibility for assessment of individuals’ needs and ensures positive outcomes.


The recommended time to complete this qualification is 16 months.

An Assessor will visit the candidate at their workplace at least once a month for a minimum of 2 hours. In between visits learners will be expected to complete work to ensure progress is made.

Course Units

Mandatory Units

These units cover areas such as:

  • Use and develop systems that promote communication
  • Promote professional development
  • Champion equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Develop health, safety and risk management policies, procedures and practices in health and social care setting
  • Work in partnership in health and social care setting
  • Lead and manage a team within a health and social care setting
  • Develop professional supervision practice in health and social care setting
  • Manage health and social care practice to ensure positive outcomes for individuals
  • Safeguarding and protection of vulnerable adults
  • Understand safeguarding of children and young people (for those working in the adult sector)
  • Lead person centred practice
  • Lead and manage group living for adults OR Assess the individual in a health and social care setting (depending which pathway is selected)
  • Understanding professional management and leadership in health and social care Undertake a research project within services for health and social care or young people’s settings

Additional Units

There are numerous optional units which can be chosen which will depend on the learner’s job role within the health sector. These could include:

  • Develop procedures and practice to respond to concerns and complaints
  • Recruitment and selection within health and social care setting
  • Facilitate coaching and mentoring of practitioners in health and social care setting
  • Develop and evaluate operational plans for own area of responsibility
  • Manage physical resources
  • Manage domiciliary services
  • Lead the management of transitions
  • Promote awareness of sensory loss
  • Support individuals with sensory loss with communication
  • Appraising performance
  • Managing disciplinary processes

Course Entry Requirements

  • The course is open to candidates at any age, of either gender and there are no entry barriers on the grounds of race, creed or academic attainment in learning
  • However, candidates must have previously completed the Level 4 award and be working in a management position

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