Temporary Placements

Short-term staffing solutions

We understand the urgency of finding healthcare workers at short notice, so we provide a service that is suitable to cover most time frames.

From week-long cover, to a 12 week booking, we have tailored services available to care homes, nursing homes and hospitals throughout the UK.

All our healthcare workers are trained to integrate seamlessly with your own team of staff. We strictly vet all our employees to ensure their training certificates are up to date, as well as ensuring the DBS check and insurance policy are valid.

We are open 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.
Call 0113 827 2347 to enquire about hiring staff today!

  • Healthcare workers available within 48 hours - From enquiry to interview to placement

  • Hire staff for one week to 12 weeks - It's your choice!

  • Staff are employed directly by us - You hire staff without the administrative burdens of PAYE, NI and holidays!

  • DBS check - We save you time and money by ensuring all workers have a current DBS check

  • Carer insurance - All Avanta Care employees have insurance cover

  • Training - Our healthcare workers are trained in The Care Certificate as a minimum. All nurses have a Nursing Diploma