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    Need staff

    "Do you need qualified staff at short notice? We have trained staff ready to join your workforce."

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    Supplying skilled Healthcare workers

    "Supplying skilled Healthcare workers to nursing and residential homes across the UK"

Current Rates

How much does it cost to hire healthcare staff from us?

At Avanta Care, we’re renowned for being pioneers of flexible recruitment in the healthcare industry. And this, our new pay grade system, is another example of our ongoing commitment to innovation.

With four distinct levels, we offer care homes like yours the freedom to choose healthcare assistants and nursing staff that suit your needs. Whatever your priority.

It’s fairer too.

While other healthcare recruitment agencies might charge you one, flat-fee regardless of who you hire, at Avanta Care we match what you pay with what you choose.

Take a look.

Healthcare Assistants - Please call to discuss your requirements

Grade 1: Trainee (*Group and multiples discounts may apply)

Trainee with 70% complete Care Certificate training and basic experience.

Grade 2: Qualified (*Group and multiples discounts may apply)

Qualified assistant with full Care Certificate and less than 9 months experience.

Grade 3: Experienced

Experienced assistant with full Care Certificate and 9 months+ experience.

Grade 4: Senior Carer

Senior Carer with full Care Certificate, Level 3 NVQ in Health and Social care and at least 4 years’ experience. Competitive rates available

Junior Nurse

Qualified Nurse with NMC registration pin, looking to gain experience.
Competitive rates available

Registered Nurse

Qualified Nurse with NMC registration pin and experience. From £22.95 per hour

As you can see, we group our carers by training and experience, not competence or commitment. Whoever you choose to hire from Avanta Care, they’ll always have a proven aptitude and ambition for work in the care industry.

Which grade is best for your care home?

If you need urgent cover for a sick member of staff at your nursing home, then we recommend you choose a healthcare assistant at grade 3 or 4. That secures you a carer who can hit the ground running.

If you’re already well-staffed but keen to think ahead, try hiring carers at grade 1 or 2. Let them shadow your more experienced members of staff and they’ll quickly become valuable members of your team.

Whichever grade matches your priority, rest assured that each person in our talent pool undergoes our stringent screening process before we put them forward for interview. That means full, completed reference, language and background checks, to protect you, your patients or residents.

Remember: Helping grade 1 care assistants finish their Care Certificate training isn’t just an industry requirement. It’s first-hand proof they’re capable, on the job, at a pace that suits you both. It’s also your chance to pass on extra practical knowledge that improves quality of care in real-life settings.

That’s good for patients or residents alike, and it’s good for business too.

Clearer choice with Avanta Care

Care home managerWe prefer not to dwell on the issue of money in the care industry. Because like you, our goal is to build long-term relationships through high quality care.

But there’s no avoiding the issue that who you hire affects your bottom-line.

So we’re up-front and clear about how recruiting nursing staff with Avanta Care works, and what you get for your money.

That way, we put the power to make the best decisions for your care home back in your hands.

Plus, our revolutionary healthcare recruitment app is coming soon, and will make the recruitment process even easier!