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Star Employee of the Month

Happy Employee

We’re proud of our dedicated employees here at Avanta Care, and we like to look after them. That’s why we have introduced our  Star Employee of the Month Award which is open to everyone who works at or on behalf of Avanta Care.

It’s also an opportunity for our clients to show that they too appreciate the hard work and effort it takes to keep Avanta Care one of the most highly rated care providers on

Each month, care home managers will be given the opportunity to nominate a member of staff they’ve hired from us - someone outstanding who they think deserves special recognition. Each nominee is then entered into a prize draw, from which one nominee is drawn to win the award.

Nominate someone for the award

Has the person you’ve hired from us given outstanding service this month? Do they go above and beyond what’s asked of them to make other people’s lives easier?

If so, you can recognise their special efforts by completing the form below, which automatically enters them into a draw with a chance to win a special prize.

We’ll also double-check your details first, to make sure you’re entitled to nominate this person.

Please use the form below to make your nomination.

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