Registered General Nurse - Stanton Drew

Quick facts

Job type Location
Full time Stanton Drew, Somerset
Salary range Department
£20.60 per hour Nursing
Category Shift
Nurse Varied

Requirements & job status

Minimum Education Job status
High school Interviewing
Minimum Experience Application closing date
2 years previous experience 28th October 2019
Work permit Key contact
United Kingdom

Role description

We need Registered General Nurses to join our workforce.

You will be responsible for providing the highest standards of nursing, clinical and personal support, while promoting independence and choice to residents. You will supervise a team of care staff to ensure the smooth and efficient management of the shifts, whilst planning, delegating and monitoring duties to the team.

Gaining the trust and confidence of each resident is an important aspect of the job for nurses, especially as they have more contact with residents than other members of the care team. This extends to developing a good relationship with the resident's relatives as well, particularly in cases of chronic illness where the resident may be receiving regular or continual treatments.

Exact duties may vary depending on your role but usually include:

  • Writing care plans
  • Implementing plans for wound treatment and monitoring pulse, blood pressure and temperature
  • Observing and recording the condition of residents
  • Checking and administering drugs and injections
  • Setting up drips and blood transfusions
  • Assisting with tests and evaluations
  • Communicating with and relieving the anxiety of patients and their relatives
  • Educating residents about their health
  • Organising staff and prioritising busy workloads
  • Mentoring student and junior nurses
  • Maintaining records

Application requirements:

  • NMC Pin
  • A UK nursing diploma (Or equivalent)
  • 24 months' previous nursing experience

What does the role involve?

  • Checking and administering drugs and injections
  • Setting up drips and blood transfusions
  • Maintaining patient records

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