Salary Information

How much can I earn working for Avanta Care?

New ratesTo keep the best talent in the care industry, you have to invest in and reward your people.

That’s the thinking behind our pay grading system:

Now, we can match the needs and priorities of nursing homes with the unique abilities you, our healthcare workers, offer them.

Plus, if you become more experienced and better qualified, it’s only right that you get rewarded for it. Likewise, we want to give you an incentive to do that.


Pay rates:

Healthcare Assistants:

Up to £9.60 per hour (Depending on experience)

Senior Carers:

Up to £11.50 per hour

Junior Nurses:

Up to £11.80 per hour

Registered Nurses:

Up to £20.60 per hour

Did you know?

    • We pay an additional £0.50 for all Nights and Bank Holiday hours worked
    • We pay holiday pay on all overtime hours worked
    • All our employees are enrolled into a free healthcare plan
    • We guarantee a minimum 35 hours per week:
      ✔ No zero hour contracts
      ✔ Overtime often available
      ✔ Company pension scheme

It's simple...

The longer you stay and work for Avanta Care, the better the pay and rewards you earn. Especially when you stay with us, to gain more experience and qualifications.

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