Finding the right people

No more time-wasting, a process you can rely on

We know you need reliable, experienced staff who can hit the ground running. So we offer a recruitment process that’s fair, fast and flexible, and delivers reliable candidates at short-notice. Let’s walk through how our healthcare recruitment process works: From your first urgent enquiry to hiring healthcare assistants or nurses and getting things back on track.

We strictly pre-screen our healthcare workers’ experience, qualifications, references, criminal records and English communication skills, you gain staff who are ready and eager to work.

We even go the extra mile to make sure our employees from the wider European Union are well-settled into the UK and familiar with the day-to-day operations of a British care home.

Hassle-free recruitment

Fair rates for all

All our staff are employed and paid by us - That means you hire them from us to work at your care home without the administrative burdens of PAYE, NI, tax and holidays. You can hire staff on a short, medium or long term contract. We’re so confident at matching high quality healthcare professionals that we’re almost certain you’ll want to employ our staff on a permanent basis.

Despite how quick and easy recruiting healthcare workers with Avanta Care is, we take extra care so you don’t have to repeat the process when you need a role filling quickly. Our goal is to match the right healthcare worker with the right job first time round, because we realise that long-term relationships in care are best for both our businesses. Our process might be more thorough than our competitors, but it always finds staff you can trust to get on with delivering high quality care.

Feel free to read more about us as a company and our core values and beliefs.

Our 5 step recruitment process:

  1. You inform us of your requirements

  2. We carefully analyse those requirements

  3. We shortlist suitable candidates for you

  4. You interview and select a candidate

  5. We agree a start date and prepare the candidate

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