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What we stand for at Avanta CareLady thinking

We recognise that recruiting care assistants and nurses isn’t unique as a service. What really sets us apart is how we transform our values into long-term relationships, which benefit clients and candidates alike, as well as the patients they care for.

Here’s what we believe, and why clients and candidates keep returning to work with Avanta Care:

Be honest and upfront

Unique needs, deserve a unique approach. That’s why there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all at Avanta Care because every case is different.

If you’re a client that means we listen first before we talk solutions. We also want to get things right at the beginning so you don’t waste time and money repeating the recruitment process.

That means we’re a lot more thorough than our competition, but our extra effort always pays off - with dedicated staff who fit seamlessly into your care teams.

If you’re a candidate, we promise to be upfront about what you can expect and the kind of work you’ll do. We’ll also do our best to match your skills, experience and preferences with a role you’ll want to stay in.

A quick and easy turnaround for all

We accept that time spent dealing with recruitment companies is time better spent caring for patients and earning a living.

So we minimise delays with our hassle-free recruitment process: streamlined to get capable people into work fast. Once we identify a vacancy and a suitable candidate, activities like interviews, training, relocation and paperwork all happen simultaneously to speed things up.

Long-term, working relationships are good for everyone

It’s in our interest to match the right person with the right job. If you’re a candidate that means you’re getting paid to do work that suits your skills and experience. If you’re a client you gain a satisfied team member who’s committed for longer.

Sustainable relationships like this are profitable for everyone, including vulnerable patients who gain consistent levels of care in well-staffed care homes.

Go above and beyond what’s required

Not only do we comply with all relevant legislation and standards governing care, equality and employment, we go to extra lengths to keep our clients and candidates happy.

For candidates, we give pioneering Care Certificate training plus opportunities to earn more and gain extra qualifications as you progress. If you’re a client that means high levels of quality and excellent customer service from empowered staff who are a pleasure to do business with, thanks to our Investors in People status.

Quality should be at the heart of everything we do

Reputation is everything, so we’ve worked hard to defend our position as the most recommended employment agency on We realise that every one of us at Avanta Care team represents what we stand for, so we all strive to be helpful, professional and learn from every interaction you have with us.

Whether it’s managing our vast pool of care assistants and nurses for our clients, or putting the finishing touches to a travel plan for a candidate’s first day at work - we’re proud to be thorough and attentive in our work.

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