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Below are some of the questions we find we are frequently asked by people enquiring about home care for themselves, a loved one or a friend:

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Feel free to contact our Domiciliary Care team by calling 0113 287 2347 or by clicking Here.

We are happy to provide care for anyone over the age of 18. We are registered to care for adults, however our current customer base covers a wide span of ages and support. From learning disability to dementia or a short term weekly shopping visit - there is no one size fits all.

We offer a live-in care service, where an Avanta Care employee will live in the service user's homeland be on hand to provide round the clock care.

We try to accommodate every request, within what’s legal and respectful of both a carer and a service user’s rights. Our carers can not carry out nursing procedures including dressing of wounds, administering injections and any invasive procedures.

You should read our domiciliary care guide, which describes our services and how we devise a care plan together. The care plan is written with full input from our service users and family members. Our prices are fully inclusive based on the assessment carried out.

Yes, we can administer medication. We also conduct regular medication reviews as part of a care plan to make sure dosage and frequency are correct.

Costs will depend on the amount of support and the complexity of needs. There’s no one-size-fits-all and costs will be discussed at initial assessment stage.

We usually invoice on a monthly cycle. You can pay by cheque or BACs directly into our account, whichever you find the most convenient.

This will be discussed this with our customers at the assessments. We will agree how long we think the visit may be and continue to monitor the visits to ensure that the person using the service and the care staff are satisfied.

Our service covers the Leeds area. To view the current areas, click Here.