Client case study 2

Kirstie's quandary

In an ideal world, your final week before a holiday would be all plain-sailing - tying up loose ends, and making sure colleagues have everything they need during your absence. In practice though, things often work out quite differently - especially in the unpredictable world of nursing and care work.

Just ask Kirstie, area manager for three care homes each with about 70 patients. A quiet last week would have been nice, but when four of her care workers left independently and put staffing ratios in jeopardy, the pressure was suddenly on.

That was late Monday, which meant Kirstie had only four days to find, vet and hire trained replacements, as well as juggle all the usual day-to-day admin every over-stretched manager knows all too well.

The situation looked even more serious, especially when you factor in the complex caseload at their three nursing homes - people with dementia, advanced MND, physical and sensory impairments - both old and young.

On top of all that, Kirstie was also extremely mindful of their company’s superb CQC rating, and many awards for delivering high quality of care. With their reputation at stake, it looked like Kirstie’s dream holiday would remain just that if she couldn’t plug those gaps, urgently.

Dialling the Avanta Care hotline, as she has done many times before, Kirstie turned to her long-standing account manager, Luke. Even at short-notice, our people are used to responding flexibly in a tricky predicament like this.

By Thursday (just three days later), not only had Luke recruited and placed well-matched candidates, he’d also found them affordable accommodation nearby, and had them fully briefed so they were able to hit the ground running. As Kirstie recalls:

“Luke works beyond his working time in a crisis to ensure that we get the support we need in a 24 hour business. This is really going above and beyond. He’s a very likeable and jovial character and a leading reason why we continue to use Avanta.”

At Avanta Care we stand for sustainable healthcare recruitment. That means the people we recruit on your behalf are more than just qualified, they’re a good fit too. Done right, it comes down to a delicate balancing act between the needs of three distinct groups of people - clients, candidates and most importantly, patients. Luke explains:

“We never forget that we’re dealing with real people with preferences and real needs. You have to balance those requirements so everyone is happy. People with dementia might need a carer who’s bubbly, yet patient like a family member, but still maintaining that professional distance.”

One of our founding principles at Avanta Care is the realisation that the healthcare staff you hire from us don’t just represent our high standards, they represent yours too on the frontline. They become your particular brand of care. They are your business. 

“Luke takes time to appreciate our concerns, offering ideas and possible solutions. I’d say Avanta are very client focused and take time to understand the needs of our business.”

So we put careful effort into profiling and recruiting only the most suitable, capable people. We not only train our people to Care Certificate standards, we settle them into the job so they become dependable members of your team who stick around as long as you need them to. Kirstie attests:

“We are a customer business and the service provided by Luke is a leading example of what modern, open service level agreements should look like. “Would I recommend Avanta Care? Yes! In fact I already have, multiple times.